Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Top 12

Those of you who know me well know that my favorite show to watch is American Idol. I did not watch the first season of this show (that was back in the day that we had satelite and they did not have local channels on it) but I have watched every other season. In fact this show is the whole reason why I wanted tivo in the first place. We got tivo right before season 3 started. Which is great because last nights show was 2 hours long. So I started watching about 45 minutes into it and finished right on time. So I thought on Wednesdays I would give my rundown of what I thought about each contestant. Some of you don't care and may find this boring but again I love it!

Last night's theme was Lennon/McCartney songs. I was really excited about this theme, I love Beatles music. However I was a bit worried that they would try and change the songs too much. You really shouldn't mess with these songs. Here is how it went:

Syesha -- "Got to Get You into my Life" -- I thought she did pretty good with it. It was a good start to the show but she did seem real nervous.

Chikizie -- "She's a Woman" -- I have not been a fan of his and thought he should have been eliminated long ago but I really liked him last night. He is growing on me and probably was in the top 5 last night.

Ramiele -- "In My Life" -- She is my pick to go home this week. She will definitely be in the bottom three. I have not liked her for a while but this is one of my favorite Beatles songs and she ruined it. The performance seemed long and drawn out.

Jason Castro -- "If I Fell" -- This was okay. I kinda like him, not as much as others seem to like him but he does have a unique manner and voice about him.

Carly -- "Come Together" -- I thought this was great! She is definitely in the top 3 for me. I really like her and she seems to get better every week. I do think she should wear long sleeves but that is just a personal preference.

David Cook -- "Eleanor Rigby" -- He may have had the best performance of the night. It was definitely in the top 3. I really like him too and hope he goes far.

Brooke White --"Let It Be" -- I was a bit worried when she said in her interview that she was singing this song, it is a powerful song. But she did a great job and pulled it off nicely and she sings with such conviction. She is my other in my top 3.

David H. -- "I Saw Her Standing There" -- He was one of my favorites but this was not very good. I kept waiting for him to start taking his clothes off. I just can't get past the whole stripper thing with him for now. He is good looking though!

Amanda -- "You Can't do That" -- I am not a fan of hers and have not liked her from day one but this was okay. She still needs to go home soon.

Michael Johns -- "Across the Universe" -- I like him and this was pretty good. He is about half way up my list.

Kristy Lee Cook -- "8 Days a Week" -- She tried to put a country vibe in this. Now granted the judges have been saying they wanted to see some country from her but come on, this was so not the week to do it. The Beatles and Country don't mix. I knew when those violins started playing it was going to be bad. And I am sad because I liked her. She will be in the bottom 3 tonight and may be going home.

David A. -- "We Can Work It Out" -- I have not been so enthused about him like everyone else. He has a good voice and can sing really well but I just have not been as moved by him as everyone else seems to be. He really messed up last night. It doesn't matter how old you are kid you should have heard some Beatles songs by now. Come on! And then he forgot the words, that is a big no-no.

And that is my opinion. You can take it or leave it for what it is. In my next life I think I will be a song or movie critique.

What do you think? Agree or diagree?

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