Monday, March 3, 2008

I go back

I was just listening to the song "I Go Back" by Kenny Chesney on the radio and it made me think of the songs that make me 'go back'. Here are some that a few of you will appreciate. Anytime I hear these songs this is all I think of.

Dazey Dukes by 69 boyz -- I cannot help but think of that White truck with the blue neon under it riding up and down stage rd. and summer ave.

Tubthumbing by Chumbawamba -- I think of Dax Torey and Chris making those stupid movies.

Respect by Aretha Franklin -- I think of Amy singing Karaoke at Sharky's in Panama City.

Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex -- I think of Prom, they played this song at least 3 times that night. And really the whole CD (which I still own I think) makes me think of Matt and Holly.

Hippy Chic by Soho -- Makes me think of Laura Hume and hanging out at the Bartlett 10 (now we are really going back aren't we)

Last Kiss -- makes me think of Mrs. Sheila and Mrs. Glenda at church camp. They would sing this song to us all the time.

In My Life by the Beatles -- this was our senior class song and I think of Senior everything when I hear it.

Shoop by Salt n Pepa -- makes me think of 5 girls driving around in Shannon Jarrett's tercel. Windows rolled down and us singing at the top of our lungs. We were so cool!

Ride that Train -- makes me think of Chi Beta Chi and "The Place"

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice -- Chris used to sing Rice Rice Gravy, it was hilarious. He was always making up different words for songs.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun -- I think of my bunco group. And this is the ringtone for when any of them call my cellphone.

Anything by the Bangles makes me think of my first concert with my dad at Mud Island. I was in the third grade and I remember everything about that night.

And finally the whole Jock Jams volume 3 makes me think of riding the strip in Panama City, FL. We drove the strip for about 2 hours aimlessly playing this CD over and over looking for members of the opposite sex, never found any. Looking for guys does not work when there are guys in the group with you.

What songs make you 'go back'?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer! This is Erik's girlfriend, Kelly. Next time we are in Memphis, we'll definitely come to see you. :)

I love your blog! I'll have to think about which songs make me "go back"...there are so many.

aytes5 said...

You just transported me back in time 10 years :) It brought back alot of memories, all good I can say. Cotton Eyed Joe makes you think of me and matt? That is funny! There is a club here in Knoxville called "The Cotton-Eyed Joe", wonder if they play that song there? Jock Jams, wow I haven't heard that in awhile but still have it. May have to bust it out so the kids can hear what we listened too. And yes, it is hard to pick up guys when you are with guys:)