Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday afternoon activities

It seems like we were so busy yesterday, I did not have a chance to stamp anything (even though I planned on it). After eating and the egg hunt, the boys played some basketball (the brothers against the in-laws).

Then Kaitlyn went for a ride on the 4-wheeler with Richard and the motorcycle with Scott. Kyle would not ride while I had my camera, Andy finally got him to ride later on and then he did not want to get off.

We had a pool tournament while watching the Memphis game. I beat John (he hit the 8 ball in before it was time) and Scott (even though I think he let me win) and made it to the final game where I almost beat Luke. It was down to who hit the 8 ball in first. Then it was Rockband and American Idol time. A fun day for all.

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