Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowball fight stitches

We had lots of snow fall in Memphis yesterday. The kids went out this morning to play and build a snowman. I will upload my snow pictures tomorrow but what our day consisted of mainly was a trip to the Minor Medical Center. I spent 3 hours of my life today there with Kyle. My kids and some neighbor kids were throwing snowballs at each other and one of the girls next door picked up a massive snowball (seriously about the size of a soccer ball) and chunked it at Kyle. It knocked him into the side of the house and his head hit the bricks. His head really did not bleed that much but it sorta looked as though it might need a couple of stitches so I took him to the minor med place just to play it safe. The nurse came out immediately to look at it and said yes, he would need a few stitches. So even though I did not want him to have to have stitches I was glad he told me that so I didn't feel like I was wasting my time. Here is a picture of his head (it's not too bad):

I was smart enough to take Kaitlyn's nintendo to keep him busy while waiting. He did good and didn't act like it hurt him at all. He was also singing and dancing in the room.

While he was getting the stitches put in his head the guy doing it was telling me "it is okay mom, here is what I am doing" and he was starting to describe to me what all he was doing. I said "I'm good with it, this is the third time he had had stitches". And it was by far the least dramatic of the three instances.

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