Sunday, December 16, 2007

you little stinker

Yesterday when Pat came over to go get a tree she brought over all the presents for Kaitlyn and Kyle. They asked at least 50 times yesterday if they could open the presents and we kept telling them it was not Christmas yet. So today I left to take Kaitlyn to the Christmas party at church and then to try and find some more gifts. John was half asleep watching tv. Kyle proceeds to unwrap two of the presents. Here is what I came home to find:

John said he found Kyle with the presents in his room trying to hide them in his closet. At least the ones he opened were in boxes and he still doesn't know what they are. One of them was actually Kaitlyn's. I guess I will be re-wrapping those later.

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aytes5 said...

a ha. Actually Madison has opened not 1, not 2, no not even 3 presents but a total of 5! She doesn't understand that we have to wait for a specific day to open them, she just sees presents and wants them now! happy holidays. I'm going to call you tonight and get my blog fixed with links.