Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Classic Cartoon Christmas

My father loved Christmas, I guess you would say he was a bit of a fanatic. When he died I 'inherited' all his Christmas stuff. Not that my stepmom doesn't like to decorate and stuff, she just doesn't go all out and crazy like he did. So I have boxes and boxes of Christmas lights. I also got about 30+ Christmas cd's in this collection. Some of them have never been opened. I already had my own Christmas cd collection at this time so I have a ton. In this collection are 3 A Classic Cartoon Christmas cd's plus one empty case. Here is the story behind why there are 4 of these. My Dad bought this cd in about 1996. He loved and I loved it, I was at college so I had to go and buy my own copy. Then my Dad took mine because he lost his. So I had to go buy another one. In the meantime my dad bought another one. Somewhere along the way we must have lost the cd because I have one empty case. This cd has the songs from the classic Christmas cartoons, Rudolph (even the misfit song), Frosty, Santa Claus is coming to Town (including Put One Foot in Front of the Other), The grinch, etc. I listen to it daily now and I have it downloaded in my itunes so there is no chance of me losing it again.

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