Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Morning

So I am sure many of you are wanting to know how the Nintendo went over at our house. Well here is what Santa brought to both my children:

Kaitlyn basically had a Hannah Montana everything Christmas. Santa brought a Pink Nintendo DS, Hannah Montana game for it, and a Hannah Montana pillow with a microphone along with several dollar spot items.

Kaitlyn was busy checking out her little stuff and then she sees the HM game. I said "What is that?" She said "I guess it is a game for a DS, (then long pause) but I don't have a DS". I said "well what is in that box?" She said Ooooohhhh. She has not put the thing down. She even went to the bathroom yesterday and I saw her playing it. My brother got her Super Mario game and she likes it much better than the HM game, who knew.

Kyle's Christmas was all about Transformers and Power Rangers. Santa brought Hot Wheels spin city, power rangers and some dollar spot stuff.

Kyle's favorite thing seems to be this Transformers helmet that my mom got him. It even has a voice thing on it and when he talks in it he sounds like Optimus Prime.

We ran from house to house unwrapping lots of great things for two days. The kids are loved every minute of it though.

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