Saturday, December 15, 2007

Artificial Tree or No Tree

That was the question that had to be answered earlier today. We had planned to go get a Christmas tree today. We have not put a tree up in 3 years (the reason for that is another blog post entirely) and it irritates me every year. So my stepmom decided no more of not having a tree. However it poured down rain this morning and drizzled all day long. Rain and real trees that you are going to bring in your house don't mix so we decided an artificial tree would be better than no tree at all. I don't like fake trees at all but I have to admit the one we bought looks really good.

Putting the tree together was not an easy task especially for someone who has never had an artificial tree.
Here it is in stages:

And finally it was time for the star and ornaments. Kaitlyn wanted to put the star on but she could not reach high enough so I had to do it. Then Kaitlyn and Kyle put the ornaments on it.

And here is the finished tree. It is a very full, tall, and pretty tree even if it is fake.

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aytes5 said...

No tree in 3 years! Have you decorated your house for Christmas in the last 3 years? What happened to all the stuff you got from your dad? Get those decorations out! Oh yeah, artificial (if it is a good one) is the way to go. It can stay up longer and isn't messy at all.