Monday, December 10, 2007

Notes for Santa

My kids acted awful all weekend. During the month of December we parents have a tendency to use the "if you don't act nice, Santa won't come see you" tactic. I don't know why we tell our children this, Santa will come. There is a man at church that tells the kids don't worry, even if you don't act nice Santa will still come. Anyway Kaitlyn writes Santa a letter that says this:
"Dear Santa, Im sorry I ben bad. I think I need a nother chance"

There are several boxes of stuff that belongs to John in front of our fireplace blocking it. Kaitlyn says "how is Santa going to be able to come down the chimney if Daddy's stuff is in the way? I said I guess we will have to leave him a note telling him to come through the front door. She said "well will have to put the note on the roof because that is where he lands and he won't see it if we don't". Great, now I am going to have to be out on with the ladder climbing on the roof taping down a note to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve when I am sure it will be about 10 degrees.


holly said...

Too funny Jennifer. I especially loved the spelling in Kaitlyn's note! I love to see how Taylor spells things sometimes. Anyway if you have to tape a note to the roof at least it probably won't be 10 degrees unless we have a drastic change in the weather. Anyway don't fall off the roof :)

Rochelle W said...

HA HA HA HA..... kids are soooo funny.