Thursday, December 6, 2007

Santa's Solution

Really I should say it was God's solution because He clearly had a hand in this. I seriously have the best friends in the world. Tonight was our bunco Christmas party. We played dirty santa. I ended up with this cute snowman sleigh thing that jingles and plays music, so cute (it is an Avon thing). Anyway when we were done playing the game Cheryl says she has one more game. She pulls out this redish colored bag and says the game is this: Does anyone want to trade her gift for what is inside this bag, you have to do it sight unseen. We all sat there quietly, no one really wanted to give up their gift (they were all of course so good). So even though I did like my sleigh thing I said I would trade just for the fun of the game. I had no idea that I had fallen for their little plan. So Leigh kicks my gift over to Cheryl quite quickly now that I think about it. We were asking all kinds of questions about it and Cheryl says it is pink and sized for anyone. Leigh says jokingly "is it underwear?". I thought 'Oh no, what have I done, is this a gag'. One reason I was willing to trade was I thought well if Cheryl got something it must be good, maybe it will be one of those lessons like if you give up something you like you will get something better in the end and everyone else will be jealous (not that I am into making people jealous but you know). Anyway, so I look in the bag and there was a brand new shiny pink Nintendo ds. Yes my bunco girls had all gone in together and conspired to get me this. Leigh says "Santa was not going to have a dilemma this year" I could not believe they would do this. I teared up immediately. Then I thought I cannot believe I fell for their plan so willingly. Had I known I would have made it much more difficult for them to get me to open that bag. It is funny that I wanted to trade when really it was for me all along.
And then now that I think about some things that happened all night there were so many clues that I should have picked up on. First of all Leigh called me yesterday and wanted to know what I had decided about the ds, if I had found one. I did not think anything about that. Then she called me tonight about an hour before the party (she was probably at Wal-mart or on the way there with others when she made that call), again I am completely oblivious. Jen W even spilled my drink and I was on the floor right next to the gift helping to clean it up and I had no idea it was there. Then no one else even volunteers to play the extra game. When I volunteered Leigh kicked my gift real fast over to Cheryl.
I do wish I had a hidden camera of Leigh and Wendy (and maybe Cheryl, did you go to?) at Wal-mart. They said they almost had to fight some woman for it. It was the last one.
Kaitlyn will be so excited and I am still crying about the generosity and wonderful friends God has blessed me with.


holly said...

That is so sweet of your bunco girls. My bunco group is the same way. What is it about these bunco babes that causes them to always be there when you need them.

Rochelle W said...

WOW!! What great friends you have. Great story too.