Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tetris Master

I don't normally brag. Around here I am usually just known as the Scrapbook Queen. However in the last couple of days I have moved to be known as the Tetris Master. I am unstoppable. We have the original Nintendo (yes the one from 1985, we got it in 1988 and it still works) hooked up in our bedroom. Kyle loves to play it. Well John and I have Tetris wars. He cannot beat me to save his life. He says the game is not fair because I always get the pieces I need and he never gets the ones he needs. Um no dear, I am just smart enough to use the pieces I get in the right way. He has now become obsessed with beating my score. The other day I got 119 lines. I am on a roll.


holly said...

That is too funny. I love that game and so does Taylor. Hope has the original one too (it was ours when we were kids so it is old)and Taylor loves to play it when she goes to her house. Tetris is the only game Hope still has. Poor John, tell him he has our sympathy for getting his butt kicked but that he really should be a better loser!

Paula said...

I thought I was the scrapbook queen. I have the picture at Amy's to prove it :)