Friday, November 23, 2007

Friends don't let Friends shop on Black Friday morning

I must have lost my mind this morning. I decided to venture out at 5 am to Toys R Us. What was I thinking? In my defense I had no idea what I was in store for. I am 30 years old and my kids are 8 and 4. I have never gotten up on the Friday after Thanksgiving to go shopping. I have always looked at the deals but always waited until about 8-9 pm to go shopping. Last night at midnight I tried to get these deals online. Targets deals did not begin until 6, even online. Toys R Us had some of their deals but not all of them online. Plus I could not get the shopping cart to do right. I think that was a conspiracy against me to lure me to going out this morning. So I did not go to bed until 1:00 then I got up at 4:30. So I get to the Wolfchase area about 5:15. The parking lots were completely full. Chili's, On the Border, Pier One, everywhere there were no places to park. People were parking behind Sports Authority and Toys R Us. I found a parking place and went in to Toys R Us. They had the front right side of the store blocked off so you had to walk all the way to the back and around to get to the electronics section. I could not even get to that section. The line was already backed up the where the puzzles are. People had their baskets so full they could not see around them. I just left. So I drove down to the Trinity Target. They opened at 6 am. I got there about 5:45. There was already a line backing up almost to the Walmart. I waited in my car for a few minutes. While waiting I saw a man take some blankets and a sleeping bag back to his car. Seriously it is 30 degrees outside. Anyway, so I go get in line. And we began to walk in. Once in I went to the movies and got the movies I wanted (yes Abbie I got you a copy of the Polar Express, you owe me $60. That is $6 for the movie then times ten for inflation, ha!). There was a mob by the cameras. People were holding up there hands and yelling for cameras. At least there was no line at the checkout.
So what purpose did I have for going out this morning, apparently just to have something to write about on my blog today.


Abbie Johnson said...

So glad it was you and not me. Thanks for getting me the movie--but if you want more then $6, you better put it on ebay!

holly said...

I have so done that before but only once and it was enough for the rest of my lifetime. I will never do it again! I did get some great deals the time I went. I would rather pay full price than deal with grumpy people fighting over everything from parking spots to toys. Seriously the time I went I watched people fight over cameras, tv's, toys, etc (2 women fought over a cabbage patch doll, for pete's sake it is a doll you can get year-round)