Thursday, November 8, 2007

I signed up for PPP!

I recently signed up for this opportunity called payperpost. I found out about this from a local mommy board I am a member of. It took a while for my blog to be approved but once I got approved I have all these opportunities that I can choose to write about. I am still trying to navigate through this but you will probably be seeing some different type posts. Take them for what you want but I signed up to do this because I figure I blog often enough I should start getting paid for it. There are all kinds of opportunities to write about. Once I was approved I immediately had over 180 different things I could write about. Most posts will pay you about 5 to 8 dollars. You might see several of these in the next few weeks. This might prove to be some easy Christmas money and with John taking a recent pay cut this, every little bit will help. If anyone else out there wants to sign up for this easy money just let me know and I can help you. There is also a link now at the bottom of my blog that should take you to sign up for this. I will continue to let you know if this is as easy as I believe it to be.

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