Saturday, November 17, 2007

Scrapbook Birthday party

Kaitlyn's birthday party was today. She turns 8 on Tuesday. She decided to have she wanted to have a scrapbook birthday party. So I talked with my friend Amy (who is also my Creative Memories consultant) and we worked out a plan. There were 8 girls which was a perfect number. Only some of you who read this will understand it but I cannot wait to do the scrapbook page about the scrapbook party.

Each girl brought some pictures of friends and we made a scrapbook card. They were all so creative and did so well.

She also had a Hannah Montana cake. The cake was real good, of course it better have been for how much it cost me.

Kaitlyn got many cool gifts at her party including a Barbie scooter, polly pockets, a Hannah Montana barbie doll, some moon sand (I will be sure and thank Wendy for that one), beads and a groovy girl doll.

The party went great and I think all the girls had a good time. I even heard one of the girls lean over to Kaitlyn while they were making their mini scrapbooks and say "hey Kaityln, I didn't know your birthday party was going to be so fun!".

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