Sunday, November 25, 2007

Other Blogs

I do have several other blogs that I write on. One of them is a blog I have for the things I made. Mainly stamping and scrapbooking but there are a few paper crafts too. I have really gotten into making these paper trees this weekend. I have not written much on that blog but I am getting better about updating that one. So go check it out. It is the Created by Jennifer on the right side.

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aytes5 said...

Those are cute! How do you find time to have more than one hobby at a time, I can't find time to do anything but scrapbook. I have started stampin but only in my scrapbooks. I like the look it adds to my pages. I haven't used it much yet though for one thing I love to embellish my pages and I have mountains of embellishments. I tend to buy these things in bulk! I am running out of shoe boxes to store the stuff in.