Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saddest tree ever

Well we managed to get the Christmas tree up this year but just barely. I let Kaitlyn put the ornaments on but I only brought two boxes of the ornaments from my mom's attic. Then I never figured out how to plug in the lights at the top. So we have the saddest Christmas tree ever this year but at least we actually have a tree up.

And then I was playing with my camera taking pictures of the tree. I had forgotten that the camera has this really cool feature on it called Color Accent. You can pick out a color and it will make the picture black and white except for that color. I wish I had remembered this when taking pictures with santa, it would have been neat to just have santa's red suit show up. In this picture I picked blue so only the blue ornaments are in color. Pretty cool! I just have to remember that I can do that.

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