Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My computer crashed on Monday. I was just sitting there and it froze up so I turned it off. When I turned it back on instead of the little apple appearing on the screen I got a circle with a line through it. I thought "oh that's not good". So I let it rest for about an hour and a half and tried again. Nope, nothing. So I took it over to the Library and let the computer guy look at it. Yep the hard drive crashed. He couldn't even find my hard drive when he hooked it up to his. So now I have this old silver loaner computer, which I am grateful to have computer access but this old computer sucks big time.

I think I had most of my stuff backed up. Of course I probably won't know for sure until I need a file or something and realize it's not there. I lost some school stuff for sure but my grades are fine, most of my school email stuff (I had just backed that up about 3 weeks ago), my itunes is backed up to my ipod but will now have to be reorganized again because I don't think it will transfer the different playlists on it, but most of all my pictures are okay. I never delete pictures from my memory card until I have burned them on a CD (even though I also have them in my Shutterfly account) so they are not lost but I will have to reorganize those. I had them all nice and neat on my computer in a folder and then divided into folders with dates and then those were divided again and well you get the idea. Plus I had my favorites in iphoto in an organized fashion and some of my comic life layouts were not saved I know. A pain in the rear, UGH!

So my message to you today is back up and then back it up again!! I so need to go get an external hard drive for this purpose. Plus I have always thought that if we have a fire, tornado, or something like that, a small hard drive would be much easier to save than the whole computer and all the backed up CD's and flash drives.

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Kelly said...

That stinks about your computer. I never back up my stuff. One of these days I'll probably lose it all. Eek!

This is Erik's Kelly by the way. :)