Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYE fireworks

We went to Luke's tonight for NYE. He bought some fireworks for the kids and some bigger ones for him and John. They had fun with sparklers and roman candles. He also bought a new fire pit but it didn't help a whole lot. I could not feel my fingers or toes when I came inside, it was so cold. The kids would light their fireworks in the fire pit which was probably not the smartest idea.

I did not bring my big camera so I could not get photos of the big fireworks, Luke had one that looked like the big ones organizations shoot off. Here is my favorite photo of the night, the three kids sitting on the pool ladder to watch the display.

And here are some more of the sparklers:

ETA: I am not sure why my pics didn't turn portrait. I took these with the new Nikon, please don't tell me I am going to have to upload to iphoto and rotate them everytime. I will have to look into this and fix it, so check back to see the pics turned the right direction.


Kelley said...

Check the program you're downloading the pics into. When I use Picasa, I don't have this problem. When I use the generic imaging software on the computer, I have to rotate them individually.

JenniferL. said...

I just put my memory card in a card reader and upload from that. So I don't really use a program when I upload. I will have to investigate a little more.

Anonymous said...

I have to rotate mine manually in iPhoto. Sorry.

Shelly said...

Great pictures, looks like a lot of fun!