Thursday, December 25, 2008

Comical gifts

There are a few funny stories surrounding the gifts this year.

First my aunt and my mom bought Kyle the same remote control car. It actually is going to work out great because Kyle opened the one from my mom and tore the box all up trying to get into it and that one doesn't work. So we took the box from the one my aunt bought and put the broken car in that to take back.

Then mom got me a new little camera to keep in my purse. She was getting a digital camera from me and my brother because she was still using disposable cameras. Well we bought each other the exact same camera! Same color and everything!

And finally my mom also got me a small photo printer. This was the box (a Sony digital picture station):

And this is the printer that was inside (an HP printer):

How weird is that! Now some of you might be thinking no big deal just keep the HP (because I really didn't care which one she got me) but I don't have the "stuff" that comes in the box for the printer (software, ink, power cord, etc.). So that should be an interesting conversation when I go to take that back to the store.


Kelley said...

Merry Christmas guys! :)

Shelly said...

So how did it end with the printer? Did they take it back?