Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New camera stuff

My mom got me some new camera accessories to go with my camera. I can't wait for some pretty weather to get out and play. I also read about a challenge in one of my scrapbook magazines to take a photo a day. I am going to try and do that starting Jan. 1.

I got a big tripod that extends to 57 inches, a little bity tripod, a bag, 3 filters, an 8g memory card (not pictured because it was in the camera taking the picture), a card reader, a small photo printer (that we got exchanged finally), a new little camera with a hard case (maybe I can not break this one), and two lenses. One lens is a wide angle macro lens and one is a telephoto 2x lens. I haven't really played with the macro lens yet but I took these pictures of Peyton with the telephoto lens. I don't think the lens does what I thought it would. Not sure why I get that black circle but it's kinda neat and has some potential.

I also got a lot of free stuff from Wolf Camera (where the little camera came from) including a free photo book, 25 free prints, and tickets for 18 photography classes. I am excited to see what those are.


Anonymous said...

I got my new camera from Wolf too! If we can manage it, we should try to coordinate our classes! That would be so cool! :)

Anonymous said...

I got my new toy from Wolf Camera too! If we can coordinate for the classes it could be really fun! Plus we'd each have someone to call on when we get confused about something we learned! I plan to start as soon as I can get the updated schedule! :)