Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Whispering Canyon

After we took a long rest at the hotel we had dinner reservations at Whispering Canyon Cafe in the Wilderness Lodge. I was really hoping they would have their Christmas tree but no luck, I think they put it up on Sunday. :(

Kyle playing lincoln logs while waiting on our table (though I am glad I took the picture quick because we only waited about a minute and a half). He went to the bathroom later in the meal and didn't come back forever because he was playing with these again.

We had the best waiter, his name was Justus. They really play around at this restaurant. Kaitlyn LOVED this place, she has already requested to eat here next time we go to Disney World. And I was shocked by that because she probably had the two most embarrassing moments of her life here. One I got on video and I will post that later. The other is a great story. The waiter is at the table behind us and screams out "hey this is Jonathan and he is 12 years old and needs a girlfriend, anybody in here want to take him up on that?". Then he looks at Kaitlyn (who is wearing a happy birthday button) and says "Kaitlyn, how old are you?". She quickly says 11, I guess she thought because she wasn't 12 she was safe. He pulls the kid's chair over to our table and says "here I got you a boyfriend for your birthday, this is Jonathan, Jonathan meet the family". They were both mortified. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even take pictures. I so wish I had it on video.

Then she dropped her knife on the floor and the waiter said "oh don't worry, I'll get you another one" and he brings back this hugs knife. 

When you need ketchup you have to yell to the whole restaurant 'we need ketchup' and everyone who has ketchup brings you all the bottles of ketchup. Kyle loved this. 

I'll do a food post later but the food here was really good. And a great value for our dining credits!

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