Thursday, November 24, 2011

Magic Kingdom night

After dinner we went back to Magic Kingdom for the night time activities. The regular closing time was midnight but then they had extra magic hours until 3 am. I knew we wouldn't make it til 3 but I wanted to make it past midnight.

We got in line to meet the princesses because the line said 10 minutes, we ended up waiting about 30 minutes total so we missed Wishes. I got out of line to go to the bathroom so I watched a good bit of it but the rest of them didn't see it. I don't think they really cared though.

Then I watched the Magic, Memories, and You castle show while John and the kids went to ride space mountain with their FP's. The show was much cooler than I anticipated.

I loved seeing the castle all lit up with the Christmas lights. 

We arrived back at MK at 9:30
Met the Princesses
Rode Space Mountain (while I watched the castle show)
Watch Main Street Electrical parade
Go on Haunted Mansion
Leave about 12:15

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