Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last moments at Magic Kingdom

After we ate breakfast we went back to Magic Kingdom for a few hours. We arrived about 11:00.

 The line for Ariel and Eric was about a 30 minute wait and so was the wait for the Fairies. I told Kaitlyn she had to pick which line she wanted to wait in and she chose the Fairies. So we met Terrance and Tinkerbell.

Here is how our last few hours went:

arrive about 11:00
get picture made
meet fairies
ride jungle cruise
I watched the Move It, Shake it, Celebrate it party
The kids and John rode Space Mountain 3 times in a row
We all ride Buzz
watch Dream along with Mickey
Watch Philharmagic
Eat ice cream and hot dogs
watch parade (which was a good way to end out trip)
take bus back to our hotel and leave

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