Friday, November 25, 2011

Hollywood Studios

On Sunday we got up early to be at Hollywood before it opened to get in line for Toy Story Mania, this ride is really fun but always has a lengthy wait time. Well this was the only morning that we had to wait a while for the bus. We waited 35 minutes and the bus was packed! So we arrived at Hollywood right at 9:00 as they were opening, walked straight to Toy Story, the line was all the way to the backlot tour entrance! We ended up waiting 40 minutes (the longest wait of our stay) then we got fastpasses when we came out to try and improve our scores later.

Lightening McQueen made an appearance in the Lights, Motors, Action show

Sorta got the big explosion at the end on camera

I thought this was the cutest popcorn bucket (R2D2) even if it was overpriced.

Here is how our Hollywood day went:

arrive @9:00
Ride Toy Story Mania
Meet Phineas and Ferb
Meet Lightening McQueen and Mater
Meet Buzz and Woody
Go on Backlot tour
eat lunch at Studio Catering co.
Watch Lights, Motors, Action
Meet Mike
Ride Star Tours
Kaitlyn and John ride Tower or Terror
Me and Kyle eat ice cream
Watch Beauty and the Beast show (4:00)
Watch Disney Channel rocks show
Ride Toy Story Mania with FP
Get picture made
Eat Popcorn
Watch American Idol show (the finale one)
Watch Osborne lights
Watch Fantasmic (8:00)
eat dinner at hotel

This was our long day as we stayed in the parks about 12 hours with no break.

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