Sunday, November 27, 2011


We spent Monday at Epcot. We slept in a little since it was later in our trip and we were beginning to become exhausted. So we didn't arrive at Epcot until about 10:40.


A cottage in England

Coloring a bear in Morracco

These were shown at the end of spaceship earth, so funny.

Here is how our day at Epcot went:

Arrive at 10:40
Meet Daisy
Get FP for Soarin
Ride Mission Space: Green
Kyle and John ride Mission Space: Orange
Eat at Sunshine Seasons
Meet Chip and Dale
Ride Test Track
Ride Soarin
Walk through World Showcase
Eat ice cream
Meet Marie
Meet Belle and the Beast
Color a bear in Morocco
Meet Mexico Donald
Meet Duffy
Ride Test Track with FP
Ride Spaceship Earth
Ride Soarin with FP
Ride Monorail to Polynesian
Eat at Ohana (8:40)

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