Monday, March 2, 2009

wrong on so many levels

So the blizzard of the century hits Memphis over the weekend and we still have school today. Now yes most of the city streets are fine and drivable (is that a word?) but out here in the boonies at Bolton it was quite treacherous. I took some pictures of Austin Peay and Millington-Arlington street this morning from my dashboard (yes I know probably not the safest thing to be doing while driving through ice and snow but you know I have to take pictures of everything!). I am a southern girl, I don't know how to drive in ice and snow, though granted I did arrive safely.

Here is one of our teacher parking lots as I pulled in and my car parked in the 6 inches of snow that have not melted on the north side of the building (due to the shade).

There is so much ice on campus our poor plant manager has been working his tail off all morning trying to shovel it all. I hope to get a picture of the breezeway before I leave.

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Kelley said...

Rule #1-don't take pics and drive and Rule #2-don't take multiple pics and drive. That's your snow driving lesson! :P