Sunday, March 1, 2009

a foot of snow?!

It just snowed and kept on snowing yesterday. We went out to play about 5:45 last night and then not too long later you could not even tell we had been out, our footprints were completely covered again. This is the sight from our front door and then the front of our house this morning (I went out before the kids got up to take these shots).

Church was even canceled this morning, that has never happened. I have never seen so much snow. I measured 7 inches on top of John's car. I took a picture of the ruler but it didn't turn out right. There were lots of big icicles hanging from the house.

The kids of course went out to play again, this time they just wore their pajamas.

The snow was so deep the kids almost got lost trying to make snow angels. You can see the snow up to Kyle's knees in some of these pics.

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Holly Aytes said...

I am so jealous! We haven't gotten that much snow all winter. Memphis isn't supposed to get that much snow! Us people in the mountains are supposed to :) Glad y'all had fun though. My kiddos are jealous too. This is the only time I have wished we were still in Memphis :) BTW, love your skid row song...I hadn't scrolled down enough to hear your playlist lately :)