Monday, March 30, 2009

Flying a kite

This time in two weeks we will be finished with Lads to Leaders 2009. The kids have worked hard throughout the year in various events (and still working on some finishing touches this week). Kyle is participating in song leading this year and Kaitlyn is doing 7 events. Yesterday morning during class the kids went into the adult classes to practice. Here are the boys and girls that were there yesterday (this was the second week for them to practice in classes).

Then we went to Luke's house for the afternoon. We had bought some kites at Wal-mart a while back and it seemed like the perfect day to fly them.

Kaitlyn rigged her kite to the pool ladder so that it would fly by itself. You can kinda tell in the picture.

Then they were off to play with something else. Kyle rode the scooter, he got about half way down the driveway and was distracted by some dirt and rocks, he is such a boy!

Kyle was also helping Uncle Luke put his new umbrella for the patio furniture together, Luke went out to clean the table off. This of course involved the water hose and Kyle claims Luke got him wet. Kyle didn't like wearing wet clothes so the next thing I know he went to the car to look for some extra clothes. He could only find some of John's clothes so he put those on and came inside and asked me if I would zip up the pants. I said what are you wearing, he laughed and said Daddy's clothes, mine were wet!


Holly Aytes said...

We hardly ever fly kites anymore (I buy new ones every year but rarely remember them)! We did get some at the $ tree to take to grandmother's but it wasn't the best kite flying weather so they didn't do too good. We will have to try again. That was smart to tie it to the pool ladder :) And Caleb is such a boy too....he gets distracted by rocks and dirt easily :) Loved the pic of Kyle in John's clothes :) Was he planning on holding them up w/ his hands while he played?

Kelley said...

LOL, the pics of Kyle are hilarious! Before you know it, he'll fit in those clothes! Looks like a great day. We need to get a kite, looks like fun. :)