Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Snowgirl

Kaitlyn had been wanting to build a snowman since it started snowing on Saturday. Sunday morning when we went out to play the snow was too powdery and she couldn't get it to stick together. But yesterday afternoon the snow had already started to melt so it stuck together pretty good. We built the bottom and she got frustrated with the top. I went inside but she was determined to make it work. I brought her a pink scarf and hat then we used a film canister for the eyes and nose and sticks for the arms. We couldn't find anything for the mouth so Kaitlyn just drew it with her finger.


Paula Jennings said...

She did a great job.

kathleen dale said...

What an adorable snowman and children too! I live in Memphis also and saw your blog as being in Memphis.

I have a slideshow of my grandsons (twins) in the snow on my blog too.

I just loved that snow. It was beautiful.