Monday, January 26, 2009

Sorting Pictures

I am an avid scrapbooker, this is quite apparent to anyone who knows me personally. I even have another blog dedicated to posting my creations. My friend Carrie was nice enough to let me borrow a book of hers called Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian. I am a chronological scrapper and I won't be getting away from that but I am trying to find a way to organize the "reject" photos. One of my past scrapbooking problems has been I wanted to use every photo I took on the page. I am getting better at that and so I need something to do with all the unused photos. This is where Stacy Julian's category drawers come in. So I spent Friday night organizing my photos into the 4 categories: 1) People we love, 2) Places we go, 3) Things we do and 4) All about Us. It took me 4 episodes of Without A Trace but I got most of it accomplished.

I even threw away this stack of pictures (gasp).

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