Thursday, January 29, 2009

I got my camera back

My stolen camera was found today! The kid who I thought to be the one that had taken was playing with an ipod in his pocket. I called the administrator down and he talked with him and sent him back to class. Then the kid was dumb enough to have it out again trying to hide it in his jacket sitting on his desk. This time I saw it and had my hand on it and he jerked it away from me and said I am not giving this to you. I said fine. I called the administrator and officer this time. They took him out but could not find anything. I found his bag on the floor a couple of rows over and took that down to the office and they were able to search through it. They found the ipod he was playing with that he claimed he didn't have plus my camera was in there. And get this, he only got 3 days of OSS (that would be out of school suspension for those who don't know). Are you kidding me?? You steal from a teacher, lie about it, are defiant about giving up the ipod you aren't supposed to have at school in the first place and only get 3 days! But I really don't care because I now have my camera back. He had deleted all the pictures off the memory card but there were 3 I had saved on the camera he didn't delete. Oh well I can recover those pics from my blogs. My cell phone and other memory card are still missing but I am so happy I have my camera back!

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Good news!