Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Scrapbook Retreat

This weekend I went on a girls getaway. It just so happens that all the girls I am going with scrapbook, so that is what we did all weekend. I got 20 pages complete which I was a little disappointed with but we had a great time. There were 7 girls. I rode with Amy and Dianne and Carrie followed. We arrived about 7:00 on Friday night, we got set everything set up and let the scrapbooking begin. Kellie, Crista and Meredith arrived about 9:00 and also set their stuff up. We continued to work on Saturday and even some of us on Sunday morning. We got back to Memphis about 7:00 p.m. We all had a blast!

Here is the view from above of the tables. To a non-scrapbooker this might look like a big mess but we know there were much creativity going on.

Here is Kellie and Meredith hard at "work". They got left out of the table shot before.

This a couple of photos of the cabin where we stayed. It was a great place. Very nice! and had excellent lighting and nice space for setting up several tables.

Here is a photo of the den/kitchen right before our departure. This is the non-scrapizied version of the cabin.

And here is 5 of the 7 girls. You should have seen us trying to set the timer to get this photo.

I will be posting my 20 pages on my crafting blog over the next several days. Be sure to check them out over there.

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