Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seriously, Schools open

I woke up this morning hoping to hear schools were closed. The weatherman seemed so sure of himself last night. But at 5:20 across the ticker at the bottom there it was Shelby County Schools are Open. I thought Ugh. So I got up and looked outside, it was snowing! John went and opened the front door and the road was covered and it was still snowing pretty good. I kept watching the news, nope schools still open. I went to warm my car up and took some photos while waiting.

My car warming up

Finally as I was walking out the door at 6:15 John yelled at me "they just closed the schools". Thank goodness I was really not looking forward to driving in this. Especially down Austin Peay. And I can't imagine the teenagers driving in this. Then I took some more photos as the sun was coming up.

Then it was back to bed. The kids and I are about to go out and play in it so more pictures to come.

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