Friday, August 8, 2008

Just isn't the same

I went back to work this week. We just have inservice this week. I am starting my 10th year teaching. This is the first year that I haven't had my friend Abbie there with me. (see this post if you need an explanation for that). It just isn't the same. I've always had her to complain to, roll my eyes at, sit in all the boring faculty meetings with, and basically keep me from getting too much work done (ha!, I'm just kidding bout that one). I told Jeff (a fellow math teacher) earlier this week that I was going to need a new work BFF and he was it (jokingly), he just laughed (a little scared I think). So Wednesday morning they make an announcement that the Army was here and they brought us Chick-fil-a for breakfast, it is in the cafeteria. I grabbed my keys and went downstairs and my new BFF had already left me. I caught up to him and said "Um, we need to have a chat about the rules of being my new best friend, you cannot leave me like that". He laughed (again slightly scared) and said "I'm a guy and there was food involved!". Abbie would have not left me for food so Jeff is fired, he didn't last long did he?

So I get to sponsor SGA this year by myself. That should be interesting. They messed the lunch schedule all up. Upstairs north has D lunch and downstairs north has E lunch. I do have 4th planning so I can eat whenever I want but I am not sure I can wait until D lunch and I know I can't wait until E lunch so I can eat with my friends. But I do have all Geometry so that is good.


Wendy said...

hee hee! yeah, boys are not the same!

Holly Aytes said...

Huh? Just kidding...what is up with lunch being a number? What happened to lunch at 10:50, 11:15, etc?

Sorry you are in need of a new BFF :( You should have known not to ask a guy though :) JK..he might be really nice but men always leave for food or sports, unless they are gay :)

Randy Griffith said...

10 years! Are you sure you are the younger sister? I pray you have an awesome year even though you don't expect it!!!

Abbie Johnson said...

so sad! But you know you can't replace me :) you can of course email me your complaints. i can still roll my eyes