Thursday, August 14, 2008

Find me some earplugs

Kaitlyn bought her recorder for music class today. I did not have a recorder until the 5th grade so I was hoping for a couple more years without that. It only cost $6.25 so that is a little bit of a plus but I thought for sure they would leave that thing at school. Nope, she brings it home today. She calls it her flute and loves to play it. I told her to quit playing it and she says "but moooooom I have to practice" I said well then we are going to have to have a designated practice time each night (like 6:00 to 6:05 maybe).


Holly Aytes said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA.......oh my I can see it now! I can't stop laughing. Taylor hasn't brought one home yet and I pray she doesn't. Nothing has been said about a recorder...I am shocked they even still have recorders, I mean with all this technology we have you would have thought those things would be extinct like a dinosaur :)

Leigh said...

that is hilarious