Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New teacher

I went to register Kaitlyn today for school. Can you believe I have a 3rd grader?!! I took her with me because they get to meet the teacher and see where her classroom is located. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Blaylock and she seemed very nice. We were not too pleased with her 2nd grade teacher and 3rd grade is a tough year so I really praying for a good teacher. Kaitlyn is one of those students that if she likes you, she will perform better. We will see ut so far so good!


Holly Aytes said...

I have already registered everyone here...Caleb meets his teacher/see his classroom on thursday, taylor on friday and madison the next friday! I too am praying for great teachers. We got very spoiled the 1st 3 years with awesome teachers. T is nervous about being at a new school and this will of course be Caleb's 1st experience :) I have heard 3rd grade is pretty hard...work load increase, more responsibility, etc. I am just praying for great, understanding teachers :)

Wendy said...

i am glad she liked her teacher!!! prayer works wonders!!!

Leigh said...

She looks like she likes her so far.