Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Whose on your list?

This is for my scrapbooking friends (and yes I narrowed it down):

1. Paul Walker (Fast and the Furious guy)
2. Josh Harnett (Pearl Harbor guy)
3. Adam Rodriguez (CSI:Miami guy)
4. Ryan Gosling (The Notebook guy)
5. Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama guy)

(edited for you people who need to get with it, google them -- trust me, it is worth it!)


Kelley said...

I've heard the names of 2 and 4 but I don't know who any of those people are. Do I live under a rock or is it b/c I don't watch movies? Or, does that mean I live under a rock?? :)

Paula Jennings said...

Noah Wiley
Jonthan Tago
George Eads
Matt Damon
Chris Daughtry

Holly Aytes said...

what list?

Abbie Johnson said...

I'm with kelley, but I don't think i even know # 4--is that zach from saved by the bell?

and 2 and 3 from Paula's list?? I def agree with 5 though Paula!!

JenniferL. said...

#2 from Paula's list is from CSI:Miami, he had to be cut from my list b/c Kelli Hanlon said I could only have 5. #3 from Paula's is from regular CSI. But I should give some more thought to Zach from Saved by the Bell!

Kelley said...

Dude, Zach from Saved by the Bell, seriously?? Anyway, you are cracking me up with your pics. LOL!

JenniferL. said...

Um, have you seen him lately?!!

Holly Aytes said...

I will take all those plus add in Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. I watch the POTC's often just to look at them :) My list is longer than 5!

Paula Jennings said...

I could make my list go to 10.

The Beatty's said...

I am still working on my list...I will have to whittle it down and post soon!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't there for the juicy discussion, but since you gave me the 411, I shall have to start compiling. I too am unfamiliar with several of your picks since I don't watch much TV, though I like a little of what I see, namely #1 & #5. :)
This might be the most fun list to compile-EVER! :)