Thursday, July 17, 2008

School Supplies sale

I went to Target tonight to get a wireless mouse they had advertised for $19 (and it is pink too!). So I wonder back to the school supply area. I live for the Sunday paper in July when they begin to put the school supplies on sale. This weeks advertisement did not have very many things on sale yet but I figured I at least needed the book covers that were 2 for $1. Well much to my surprise they had many of their supplies already on sale. The markers were 89 cents. This was NOT in the paper because I look for that every July. I always stock up on markers. So my trip to Target for a $19 mouse turned into an hour $92 trip.

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Holly Aytes said...

I stock up on ccryons...I love the crayola brand (not such a fan of the rose art). I will buy 20-30 boxes and then when they start breaking and wearing down I just bring out a new box. Madison doesn't care if they are new crayons but me, Taylor and Caleb love sharp new crayons to color with! Taylor loves colored pencils and notebooks (she writes stories in them and illustrates them) so I stock up on those also. You might want to check Walmart....they have all their stuff out and it is pretty cheap too (I paid .22 for crayola crayons :)