Tuesday, July 1, 2008

kiddie rides

This is the last St. Louis post I promise. Once we found the kiddie rides in the park we could hardly get Kyle to leave that area. He rode the rides over and over. He would get off the ride then walk around and get right back on. There were no lines for these rides so he was glad to keep riding. He rode these planes about 8 times. When we were at the water park he tired of the water and talked John into taking him back to the planes.

He even got a little brave and started riding with no hands!

While we were waiting on John, Kaitlyn, and Luke to ride The Boss, Kyle rode the carrousel 3 times.

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Abbie Johnson said...

Gosh these pictures bring back memories. i have made many trips to six flags, but not in a LONG time. It's still a lot the same.

Did you do anything in the city?