Friday, July 25, 2008

Just pick one already

I took Kaitlyn to Target on Wednesday so she could pick out a backpack. This is such a big deal to her. She loves buying her new school supplies (I know, she gets it honest) but the backpack and 1st day of school outfit are the most important. She found some shorts and shirt that she wanted and I wasn't going to buy it but she said she wanted to wear it the first day so I said okay. Got that out of the way. We get back to the backpacks and she spent at least 20 minutes trying to decide which one she wanted. First she couldn't decide if she wanted a backpack or a messenger style bag. She decided on backpack then had to pick which one she wanted. She tried them all on. And finally picked this one:

Then we get it home and the zipper doesn't work. So I took it back today and exchanged it. Would not have been my choice and I can't believe she didn't want the pink or purple Hannah Montana one but at least it is done and she is happy.


Wendy said...

too funny! abbi is just the same - we have the backpack out of the way, but now we have to find the first day outfit - it is exciting i must admit!!!

Holly Aytes said...

It must be a girl thing (though Caleb was very picky when choosing his backpack too...we are going back to exchange the camo on for a UT one). Taylor only wanted the messenger bag this is "older" looking she said! The outfit is important too...gotta look just right :)