Friday, September 17, 2010

Kyle's 7th birthday party

I finally got around to having Kyle's 7 yr old birthday party tonight (his actual birthday was on the 1st). He wanted a water gun party at the church building so I thought that would be pretty simple. WRONG! I bought water guns and water balloons at Dollar Tree well in advance. I was going to fill up the balloons at home and then put them in a laundry basket to transport them. John said you know that probably is not smart, what if you hit a bump and they bust, water will get all in your car. I said well you are probably right. So I get to the church about an hour early to fill up the balloons. Here is what the faucet looked like:

Yep, no handle to turn the water on with. Thankfully they haven't changed the locks on the back door yet so my key still worked but the little adapter that comes with the balloons to fit over the faucet to aid in filling up the balloons does not fit on indoor faucets. ARGH! oh well, my brother filled up the big container I brought for the water guns and rolled it outside for me.

First we had pizza and cupcakes.

Silly boys

I told Kyle and Lucas to wave at me. One of them listened, one of them ducked behind the fence. Oh well, it is a cute picture of Lucas anyway.

Then they had their water fight:

Then Kyle opened his presents (and enjoyed them all)

And the boys (minus Ryan who left a little early and I couldn't convince the siblings to join in the picture)


Jennifer Willoughby said...

That is such a cute boy party idea! Peyton would LOVE that!!

Kelley said...

Looks like they had an awesome time! And I agree with JW, Will would love this, we're prolly going to steal this idea one of these days. :)