Monday, September 27, 2010

Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate

We went to Disney on Ice on Friday night. The show was really good! If it comes to your town, definitely get tickets and go see it. I took a ton of pictures (155 to be exact). Of course not all of them are any good but when trying to decide which pictures to upload here I realized I could not post all that I wanted to so I think I am going to upload them to my facebook photos (which I hardly ever do). I did take a couple of videos too.

And for some reason I can't get my video to upload. I will try that again later.


Steve said...

Do you ever wonder what it is like to try to skate in one of those costumes? I have a hard enough time in my regular clothes, without an extra 15 pound head and all the other costume pieces that go with it.

Kelley said...

How close were you? Your pics are great, love the kids' shirts.