Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Honoring Stan

We have been in the process of looking for a new youth minister. Our current youth minister, Stan Phipps, is going to become our Family Minister. The search for a new youth minister seemed to go on forever (but I think in actuality was only about a year) and I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been at times for the committee. First of all we had to replace someone who has been great and with us for 15 years. Then they had to find someone who believes what we do and they felt would 'mesh' well with our kids. On October 3, Chuck South along with his wife Bethany and son will start their work with the Bartlett Woods church. I am really excited about that, especially since Kaitlyn will be in the official youth group in a year and a half. I am also excited about the new ministry for Stan. Well I guess it is not a new ministry but now we have someone specifically geared for family involvement.

This past Sunday we had a meal and honored Stan and his 15 years of service as our youth minister.

We had a panel of past and present youth group members to answers some questions about their time with Stan and favorite memories.

Then we presented Stan and his wife Janelle with a trip to Yellowstone as a token of our appreciation.

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Steve said...

Who was that guy on the stage in the second picture?? They really shouldn't give some people a microphone!

The search process actually wasn't even a year. Although at times it felt like 20. Interesting how many different views there are about things. Made me really appreciate Stan even more.