Saturday, September 18, 2010

Buckeye family day at the zoo

Buckeye had family day at the zoo today so after Kyle's soccer game we went down there for a while. At least to get a free lunch.

Kyle loves to look at the maps

I love to go into the bird exhibit. And it is totally worth the dollar it cost to get a stick with bird food on it to feed the birds. I get some of my favorite pictures here.

Then we wondered over to the Teton Trek

The grizzly bears were very active. They were wrestling with each other and swimming all around. One of them jumped on the glass and scared this poor little girl almost to death. Then about 5 minutes later jumped on the glass again and scared some more little kids (including Kyle).

We watched the Sea Lion show

And saw the hippo actually out walking around and not in water

Then ended by riding some rides (doesn't John look cool!)

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