Sunday, September 5, 2010

Delta Fair

We went to the Delta Fair yesterday with Luke, Susan and Ashley. We got the kids wristbands so they could ride whatever they wanted. We got there right when it opened and did have any lines for rides until about 1:00.

Ashley did not want to ride by herself but then was smiling by the end of the ride.

Crazy mouse ride, I think this was the kids favorite.

Ashley sweet talked her daddy (which is not hard to do for her) into letting her play some of the over-priced games while Kaitlyn and Kyle were riding some rides.

They got off this ride and got right back on.

Then they rode this spider type ride and I thought they were going to throw up

Later we fed the goats. Kaitlyn and Kyle both held the cup and stood as far back as they could.

Then Ashley (who is not even 2) walked right up and fed them out of her hand.

Then we watched the demolition derby, went inside to look at the exhibits, ate some ice cream, rode a few more rides and then left for the day.

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