Thursday, April 1, 2010

Victory photograph

In a few hours we will be leaving for Nashville and head to the Lads to Leaders convention. This is a big deal at our church. This is Kaitlyn's 3rd time to participate and Kyle's 2nd. Kyle is doing song leading and he made a drawing (I forgot to take a picture before we turned it in, I will post that later). He also helped work on the group scrapbook. Kaitlyn is doing song leading, Bible reading and puppets while we are there. Then she also did Know the Books, Group Scrapbook, individual scrapbook and photography. The theme is "Faith is the Victory". When we talked about what she could take a picture of for the theme I said what do you think of when you say Victory and she jumped in the air and yelled victory. So we came up with the idea of taking a picture of someone jumping in the air. We went to the park and Kyle jumped off this rock about 18 times.

I took this shot of her so that I could get the shutter speed and ISO right (Carrie and Amy -- did you like that photo pro talk?!) and so I could show her what it should look like. Also so she could show Kyle how to jump.

And here are some of the shots she took, she took many more than this though. Kyle did not jump high enough for her to get a good shot.
Snapped to soon:

Whoops, snapped too late:

Getting there:

too late again:

And this is the best we got:

So after we got our t-shirts at church Sunday morning she got Gracen to help her and tried again. We found a cross that had been used for a VBS shot and took it in a classroom, not as pretty as outside but it works.

too late:

too soon:

whoops, cut off her head:

YES, perfect!

Thanks to Gracen for being such a good sport and jumping off the chair about 10 times.

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