Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

I read a lot of blogs and chances are if you are reading this you read a lot of blogs too (or you are related to me). I have seen several people do a Ten for Tuesday post, just listing 10 random things in their life. Well my list is stuff that upsets, saddens or just plain makes me mad! I was going to write a post about the things that have upset me lately so I just added more to it and decided to do it on Tuesday.

So all the things in this list upset me in some way.

1. Our youth minister search. We are in the process of hiring a new youth minister for our church. Our current youth minister is going to move into a new position called the family care minister. We interviewed two candidates. They had to come to a parent meeting, plan some devo and game time with the teens, be questioned by the elders and search committee and then preach on Sunday morning. Let me tell you, a very extensive interview process. Well the second guy that came was perfect (or at least I thought so). Everyone loved him, he nailed the parent meeting and sermon on Sunday morning (those are the two parts that I was involved in). We offer him the job and he decides he is going to stay at his current congregation. So we start over again. This upsets me greatly and I am not very good at seeing the bigger picture or being patient in thinking maybe there is someone else who would be better out there.

2. Those dumb silly bandz all the kids are crazy about. I cannot find them anywhere. They supposedly sell them at gas stations so we went to the one next to our house on Sat. morning. They were out and the guy told Kaitlyn they would have some on Monday. She looked forward to this for two days. We stop on the way home from softball practice and the employee that was there told her they were sold out.

3. My friend Carrie selling her house. She is trying to stay positive about it and I know things will work out for them in the long run, I just hate that they are going through all of this.

4. Not being able to scrapbook with my crop friends on Friday night. I hate John's work schedule.

5. Teenagers who don't listen or follow simple directions (which is ALL teenagers)

6. Losing one of our bunco players (even though we understand her need to spend more time with her family) and then the person who we were going to ask fill her spot already got asked by another bunco group to join their group.

7. There not being a Kindergarten program for Kyle at the end of the year. Kaitlyn had one but apparently they have done away with this. This made me so angry that I sent the Principal an email.

8. Another Bolton friend possibly moving away (first Randy, next Abbie, then Jeff, now someone else)

9. Abbie not being here for me to talk to everyday. Yes I know we blog, facebook, yahoo chat, and can call but its not the same. And there is a lot going on in my life that I want to tell her on a daily basis when I see her in her classroom every morning (like I used to). She is the kind of friend that will not try and solve my problems or tell me what I should but just say "uch". And we can complain to each other and know that really we are not the complainy grouchy type of person but it is nice to just be able to complain to somebody who gets it.

10. Not being able to plan a trip to Disney because of the uncertainty with John's job. I want to go the week before Christmas. John says he probably cannot get off that week. So then maybe we will go over fall break. But then John is trying to get a different job so maybe he won't have any vacation. Now yes I realize this a problem some people would love to have just because it means we do have some money set aside to actually go to Disneyworld but my kids will be 11 and 7 so I feel like if we don't go now the excitement is just going to go downward from here on out.

So there you have it. My pessimistic view on the world right now. Maybe next Tuesday I will do Ten for Tuesday things that make me happy to even this out but for now, I am just upset!


Kelley said...

Didn't know that about the potential bunco player, that stinks! I saw a sign in a place in Arlington that said they sold silly bandz, maybe Wisteria? Not sure but may be worth calling around. And you know I'm here for you to talk to, I know it's not the same as someone you've known a long time but sometimes we just have to make do with what (who) we have.

Abbie Johnson said...

I feel honored to have made 20% of your list! I miss you too. Who's leaving? or is it a secret?

Holly Aytes said...

I might just have to "copy" your Ten Tuesday! The silly band craze is here too and making moms miserable b/c we can't find them anywhere either! We have the $ set aside for a beach trip but can't plan one either. Matt is losing his paper route so he is putting in to leave for Basic Training early and we aren't cure when that is yet. We know he won't get to go on vacation with us but I don't want to plan one and leave him here by himself if he hasn't gone to Basic yet. Sorry you can't scrapbook, I haven't done that in ages! Hope things get better!

Steve said...

As for #1 - It's even more frustrating for those of us on the search committee. The weekend visit was just the tip of the interview process iceberg. Now we're back to the beginning.