Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

So last week I posted my Ten for Tuesday things that upset me and said maybe I would post ten things that make me happy this week. Well I am not, but I am going to post 10 amusement parks we want to visit. This has become our Luttrell Family summer vacation. In 2008 we went to Six Flags in St. Louis, last year we went to Dollywood and this year we are going to Magic Springs. Kaitlyn will ride anything and Kyle is getting to be that way.

So here is our list of parks we want to visit (in order).

1) Disneyworld -- we are trying to plan to take a family vacation over fall break or Christmas break this year.

2) Magic Springs -- only because we are going in June, this park had a water park attached to it (always a plus).

3) Cedar Point in Ohio -- this is ranked as the #1 amusement park on several different lists I have seen

4) Universal Studios -- I have actually debated us going here and Seaworld instead of Disney for fall break but I think Kyle will enjoy it more in a couple of years and he can be sure to be tall enough to ride everything.

5) Hershey park -- I would love to go to Hershey, PA and do lots of the things they have there. It is too long of a drive (I think) so we would have to fly which of course adds to the cost. So this one will have to wait.

6) Kings Island -- also in Ohio, just looks fun

7) Legoland -- this is in California so we will probably not make it there anytime soon but Kyle would go crazy there.

8) Six Flags in Atlanta -- or San Antonio really. We just like Six Flags.

9) Busch Gardens -- in Williamsburg

10) Holiday World -- this place is located in Santa Claus, Indiana which I just think is interesting. It also has the world's longest water roller coaster.

So any advice. Which one would you want to do first? Anyone ever been to any of these?


Steve said...

I've been to #1, obviously. Shouldn't that really count as four, because they have four parks there? And a couple of water parks, too.

I went to #9 a few years ago. Okay, it was actually 1987. It was a fun time then, and they have added some things since that time.

I've also been to Six Flags in Dallas a couple of times, although that one isn't on your list, but there again, the last time was 1991. But it was good, too.

Oh yes, and I did go to Magic Springs a couple of times. The most recent was a Raleigh youth group trip in 1988 or 1989. I'm making myself feel old, now.

The Beatty's said...

I have been to 1,3,4,5 and 9. You should plan an east coast trip...you could do Busch Gardens, Water Country USA, Colonial Williamsburg (if you want to see a little history), then hit King's Dominion which is a few hours away from there in VA. Head up to Hershey Park (about 4 hours from the others depending on DC traffic) and then to Six Flags, Great America in NJ. Heck, while you're at it, you might as well go to the beach, too!