Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy day

Yesterday was a very busy day for us. Most weekends in the spring are busy though. Just seems like there is so much going on.

Our church Easter egg hunt was at 10:00, the same time as Kyle's first soccer game of the season. So I took Kaitlyn and dropped her off at the church and Susan brought her to the restaurant.

Then headed to Kyle's soccer game.

Then we had a family reunion at the mexican restaurant in Arlington for the Luttrell's. I think I heard Roger say there were 63 people there in all. Here is a group photo of most of the people.

Sister photo (we haven't had of these in a while)

Then Kyle and I went to a bridal shower at church before heading to Andrew's house for his Star Wars birthday party.

Andrew's grandma made all the kids Star Wars capes to wear and they got light sabors for their take home gift but also to play with at the party. They went through Jedi training and then fought Darth Vader.

Then I chaperoned the prom. We had a math teacher photo made and a group faculty photo. I wish I had my camera because there was a giant lighted Eiffel Tower that would have made a really good picture.

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