Monday, March 29, 2010

more conversations with Kyle

Kyle: I want to go to the north pole for my birthday
Me: Why?
Kyle: to play in the snow, (pause) and see Santa so he can give me presents
Me: why is Santa just going to give you presents?
Kyle: no my friends are going to give me presents
Me: oh your friends are going with us?
Kyle: yea, duh
Kyle: how cold is the north pole? (because all the while he is talking Kaitlyn is yelling "it is too cold at the north pole dummy" over and over)
Me: it is very very very very cold
Kyle: well I can just wear a big jacket, (thinks for a long minute) well how come the elves don't have to wear jackets?
Kaitlyn: because they work inside, duh!

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Kelley said...

Those 2 crack me up!